The Happiness Tag!

I’m such A UUUUURGH; I need to start doing awards!

So: an amazing blogger (seriously, she’s about the loveliest person I can think of right now) by the name of 3liitlebirds created a tag called The Happiness Tag, and nominated me – THANK YOU EEEEKKK!

So, the rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (YAS thank you!!!)
2. Find 10 images, media items or videos that make you feel happy.
3. Nominate a blogger who inspires you.
4. Nominate your most recent follower (That’s actually such a nice thing to do; this is why this blogger’s awesome).
5. … And nominate anyone else you want!

This might be a bit tricky for me, because of pictures and the like, but I’m gonna see how this goes. I think I might just do a few videos – SORRY! 😦

I LOVE THIS SONG, it’s classical and pretty and beautiful and I just ahhhh!

I found this video when I was… 13? And laughed so hard with my friend for about 10 minutes. AWWW babies I mean they scare me but shh!

It’s the double rainbow guy! This is just so so adorable and I love it hehe!

I don’t actually like the original version of this song – WHY do I like barbershop quartettes? This is just so fun and nice and I like music yes.

He’s 12 and he’s “singing” and he’s insane and I swear, I laugh every time. If you haven’t seen this, GO DO IT it’s amazing.

I know it was a bit different to the original tag, but I’m a rebel.

And I nominate:
A person who inspires me: Luna

My most recent follower: Fairly Irrelevant, Fairly Confident

Hideaway Girl
My Teenage Madness

And literally anyone else who wants to do it. It’s a great tag, a way to spread positivity, and it’s original too.

I hope you enjoy, and kudos to 3liitlebirds for creating it!

From Elm πŸ™‚


36 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag!

  1. The river flows in you ..Ahhhhhh just what I need right now because It’s making me feel much better about some things in life :D:D
    thanks for sharing and I’ve enjoyed reading this .

  2. Thank you so much Elm. I can’t believe I could inspire someone who also inspires me! πŸ˜€ I’m really looking forward to this tag. Also I love River Flows in You as well, it’s such an emotional song somehow. Oh and that kid in the last video, he’s hilarious πŸ˜„

  3. I’m literally sat here laughing so much that my stomach hurts! A couple of years ago me and my friend found that video of the boy ‘singing’ and we couldn’t stop laughing for ages! πŸ˜€

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