Want to Do a Guest Post or Collab?

Hey, everyone!

I’d love it if some of you guys did guest posts on my blog – mainly because I love your styles of writing (and I want to look like I have friends – I’m joking!).

So, if you’d like to do a guest post or a collaboration with yours truly, then the easiest way is to drop me an email at gemmabaristol@yahoo.co.uk, and from there we can organise a date, a topic, and logistics like that.

ANYONE can guest post, on ANY topic; you don’t have to have a blog at all and you can just email me with the name you’d like to go by. I’m open to anything, because I want this blog to be a place where you can share your opinions, not just a place for me to blabber on about nonsense.

I’m looking forward to reading what you guys come up with.

From Elm 🙂